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Air Tickets and Flights to Pelion Greece

Flights to Pelion Greece

You can reach the beautiful Pelion peninsula by air at the Nea Anhialos Airport. The airport is known as the Volos airport, as it is situated just a short distance out of the city of Volos.

The Nea Anhialos Airport began operating in 2003, and during the past 10 years, it has attracted a number of different air companies who now provide regular flights to various destinations in Europe.

During the summer months you can find regular flights to the airport, making it much more convenient for your holidays in this beautiful region of Greece. Previously, you would need to have flown into the airports of Athens or Thessaloniki, and then made your way to Pelion. Now, you can arrive at the airport, and within a short time, be at your final destination in Pelion.

There are local bus services that operate to and from the Nea Anhialos Airport, as well as taxi services. You can also arrange car hire which can be picked up when you arrive at the airport.

For car rental at the Airport, we suggest you use Advantage Car Rental who have an office at the airport. Tel: ( + 30 ) 24210 20473 | Mobile: ( + 30 ) 6972 867186 | Website:

The following airlines all have flights to the Nea Anhialos Airport.

Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines have weekly flights to and from Nea Anhialos Airport that take place on Saturdays to and from Vienna
Flights by Austrian Airlines operate from 5.4.2013 until 25.10.2013

Air Berlin
Air Berlin have weekly flights to and from Nea Anhialos Airport that take place on Mondays and Fridays to and from Nuremberg.
Monday flights operate from 6.5.2013 until 7.10.2013
Friday flights operate from 3.5.2013 until 11.10.2013

Ryanair operate a number of flights to and from Nea Anhialos Airport that take place throughout the week.
Ryanair - Charleroi - Belgium:
Every Tuesday from 2.4.2013 until 22.10.2013
Every Saturday from 6.4.2013 until 26.10.2013

Ryanair - Milan - Italy:
Every Wednesday from 3.4.2013 until 23.10.2013
Every Sunday from 31.3.2013 until 20.10.2013

Ryanair - Frankfurt - Germany:
Every Thursday from 4.4.2013 until 24.10.2013
Every Sunday from 31.03.2013 until 20.10.2013

Monarch have a weekly flight to from the Nea Anhialos Airport to the London Airport of Gatwick in the UK.
Every Friday ( via Skiathos ) from 10.5.2013 until 04.10.2013

Transavia have two flights a week to and from the Nea Anhialos Airport to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Every Monday ( via Skiathos ) from 29.4.2013 until 30.09.2013
Every Friday ( via Skiathos ) from 26.4.2013 until 27.09.2013

Transavia France
Transavia France have a weekly flights to and from the Nea Anhialos Aiport to Paris in France.
Every Saturday from 13.4.2013 until 07.09.2013

FlyNiki have two flights a week that both take place on Mondays to the airport of Vienna.
Every Monday at 10:40 ( Vienna ) from 5.4.2013 until 25.10.2013
Every Monday at 13:00 ( Vienna ) from 1.4.2013 until 21.10.2013

Small Planet
Small Planet offer a weekly flights to and from the Nea Anhialos Airport to the London airport of Gatwick in the UK.
Every Firday ( via Skiathos ) from 24.5.2013 until 11.10.2013


All of the above information was correct at the time of publication. It is advised to check with the website of the Nea Anhialos Airport for any changes or additions to the schedules for flights to and from the airport. -

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