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Pelion Kissos Pelion Greece Pilio Pelion Kissos Hotels

Kissos is a mountainous village 63km from Volos and at an altitude of 520m. The scenery is both beautiful and magical, and keeps its traditional style. The landscape of chestnuts and beeches, around which ivy winds up, is beautiful.

In the large paved square is the famous Church of Agia Marina. It is the most famous Basilica church in all of Pelion. Here you can admire the carved wooden icons and frescos painted on the walls by the famous painter Ioannis Pagonis.

You can take a walk and see the many chapels and spring water fountains which are all over the village.

A little further out you can follow the path and take a pleasant stroll through lovely scenery. This path will take you to the monastery of Agios Efstathios. Another path will lead you to Hania.

The name day of Agia Marina takes place on July 17th, and that of Agiou Efstathiou on September 2nd. Large celebrations take place with traditional Greek music and dance.

In Kissos you can find rooms to let, restaurants and tavernas. At the barbeque taverna "I.Symantisis", owned by Mr Kostas and located in the village square, you can taste lovely barbequed food as well as traditional food.

If you like to swim you have a choice of beaches where you can go. The sandy beaches of Agios Ioannis and Papa Nero are beautiful, as it the beach of Damouhari, with its white pebbles.

You will be able to find a great selection of hotels and accommodation in the Pelion town of Kissos. For the best hotel deals and lots of special offers for hotels in Kissos where you can search through many hotels, simply click here !

Image Gallery - Kissos Pelion Greece

Pelion Kissos Pelion Greece Pilio Pelion Kissos Hotels
Pelion Kissos Pelion Greece Pilio Pelion Kissos Hotels
Pelion Kissos Pelion Greece Pilio Pelion Kissos Hotels
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Agia Marina Church - Kissos Pelion Greece Pilio


The beautiful church of Agia Marina, which is located in the main square of Kissos is a truly stunning church with beautiful frescoes and religious artifacts inside.

Tel: ( + 30 ) 24260 31619
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