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Places of Interest in Pelion Greece

There are many wonderful sights and places to see in Pelion and around this unique region. Below is just a small selection of some of the places of interest that we believe are well worth a visit.

Zagora Village

The old school of "Rigas" (1777), or the "Greek Museum" as it later became known. This is the oldest school in Pelion, and many famous Greeks studied here. Former students included Rigas Ferreos (leader of the revolution against the Turks), Anthimos Gazis, Grigoris Konstantas and Kallinikos Lapatis (Patriarch of Konstatinopole). Also in Zagora is the famous library of the village, which is home to around 15,000 old books and manuscripts.

Lehonia Village

The "Kontos" mansion in the village of Lehonia Ano is well worth a visit. This mansion is very well known, due to the rumours that it is haunted. There are also other mansions in Lehonia Ano worth visiting such as the neoclassical buildings of "Katsropoulos" and "Hatzikiriazi". The village is also where you will find the station for the departure of the Pelion steam train "Moutzouri-Smudgy".

Makrinitsa Village

The "Topali" mansion, which was built in 1844 is also a nice place to visit. Here you will find the museum for music and art folklore. There is a very impressive collection of household objects, books, clothing, tools, flags and guns here. The museum is open daily from 10.00 until 17.00.

Milies Village

The old library in the village of Milies is where you will be able to see old documents about the Greek Revolution, as well as books, maps and chemistry and physics instruments.

Horto Village

The "Aggelimis" museum is also an interesting place to visit, and here you can see old traditional and precious objects, tools, relics and books.

Portaria Village

One stop worth making is to the Komboloi Museum in Portaria, where you can view a wide selection of Komboloi (Worry Beads) as well as purchase a set for yourself as well. Visit the website of the "Komboloi Museum" for further information.

Volos City

The archaeological museum "Athanassakio". The museum was built in 1907 on the east side of the city of Volos at Anavvros. Here at the museum are exhibitions of Palaeolithic and Neolithic findings, from places such as the prehistoric hamlets of Sesklo and Dimini. For more information about the museum, we recommend you visit the official site of the museum.

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