Travel Guide to Mount Pelion

No matter which part of Pelion you plan to head to for your holidays, you can be sure that it will be one of beauty, magic and inspiration. However, there is so much to see and experience around Pelion that it would be a shame to stay in just one place.

The Pelion peninsula is a region with such a diversity and beauty, that in order to fully appreciate this majestic place, one should really try and venture out and explore as much as possible.

From the coastal villages of Kala Nera, Milina and Afetes, to the mountainous villages of Tsagarada, Kissos and Portaria, each village has it's own unique charm and beauty and should be experienced first hand by all visitors to Pelion.

The best way for traveling around the peninsula is by car. There are several buses that operate around Pelion, but using them will often restrict when and where you can travel to and from. By car, you can travel when and where you wish. Many travellers from outside Greece travel to Pelion by air, usually arriving at the airport of Anhialos, which is close to Volos, or to the airports on the nearby islands of the Sporades.

Some even travel to Athens airport, and from there make their way north towards Magnesia. Hiring a car is the best option, and one that gives you much greater freedom. However and whenever you get to Pelion, you can be confident that your time spent here will be one you will never forget.

Pelion is truly a magical part of the Greek mainland and is an ideal location for holidays and travel throughout the year. With the beautiful beaches and coastline, you can enjoy some wonderful summer holidays in Pelion, while the winter season also sees the famous Agriolefkes Ski Center in full operation with visitors from around the world enjoying ski and winter sports.

Holidays and Travel in Pelion