Travel Route - Afissos - Milies - Vizitsa - Ano Lehonia

Via Koropi you are going to one of the most authentic Pelioritic villages, Milies. The historical church at the square of the village was built during the Turkish occupation and is still very famous because of her fascinating and unusual Byzantine frescoes.

Travel Route - Milies

The school library was really rich and housed some 10.000 books, some of them were very rare editions. In late 19th century the Pelion railway was designed and built and connected Milies with Volos.

The little Pelion train is passing through one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe and is now used only for tourists on weekends and holidays.

A few kilometers further on lies one of the most magnificent villages of this region, Visitsa. The village consists of traditional mansions and picturesque stone paths.

Via Pinakates you reach Agios Georgios that is one of the most picturesque villages of Pelion built between two mountain tops with wonderful view of the Pagasitic Gulf.

The church of Agios Georgios, the Taxiarhon convent and the Art Museum of the sculptor Nichola are all well worth a visit.

From Ano Lehonia to Afissos the landscape is dominated by the image of fruit-trees and a variety of flowers. For that reason Ano and Kato Lehonia are called "the gardens of Eden".

On the way back to Afissos there are two other villages that are worth mentioning: Kato Gatzea and Kala Nera. Kato Gatzea has some of the best organized campings in Pelion.

Here the visitor can enjoy tsipouro (the local traditional drink) and sea food in the small idyllic taverns at the sea. A crowded holiday resort is Kala Nera. The quality of the water that flows from many water fountains near the sea has given its name to the place which means"good waters".