Travel Route - Afissos to Platanias

Through the traditional village Metohi with its crystal waters and its historical murals in the church of Zoodochos Pigi you can reach the bigger village Lafkos. It is a village in South Pelion with a great view of the Pagasitic.

Travel Route - Afissos to Platanias

The tourists are impressed by the picturesque cobbled paths and the well preserved houses.

On the edge of the square, which is full of plane trees, the sculptures of Thanasis Fabas are exhibited. The monastery of Agios Athanasios situated on a very green slope is very interesting.

Completely in South Pelion you can find Platania. It is the biggest fishing resort of Magnesia.

At night, in the fish taverns you can enjoy plenty of fish and sea food. During the summer it is connected to the Northern Sporades islands and Evia by ship and Flying Dolphins.

A ten minute walk following the path along the sea is leading to the sandy beach of Mikro, that belongs to the village Lafkos. Crystal waters and a golden beach is what is offered here.

The beaches of Katigiorgis and Kastri are magnificent as well. Katigiorgis is a small fishing village just across from Skiathos and has several idyllic beaches and blue-green waters.

You can have a unique experience riding a horse through the pine forest of Katigiorgis. At the beach of Kastri you can hear no sound but the lapping of the waves, the whistling of the wind and the drawl of the fishermen. In the summer Kastri is an ideal place for windo-surfing due to the wind "bogazi". The beach of Mourtias and the village Liri are within a good reach from Katigiorgis.