Agria Village in Pelion

Agria, a village by the sea, is 8km from Volos. Along the beach you can find tavernas, coffee places and bars for a choice of leisure.

Agria Pelion

The nightlife, especially in the summer, is bustling as many visitors to Pelion, as well as people from Volos, choose this village for entertainment during the nights.

During the summer, there are organised cultural shows that take place, such as the "International Guitars Festival" and other painting exhibitions.

But the one cultural show that is a "must see" is the "Fishing Night" (Psaradiki Vrathia), which takes place at the end of July. At this festival you can see a variety of fishing traditions and customs, and will be offered the famous fish soup. You will also be able to enjoy traditional dance and song.

You should also try to go and visit the chapel of Panagia Tripia, which is actually built into a rock by the sea. This chapel is on the side of the main road.

On the hill of Anemoutsa, you must see the chapel of Timiou Stavrou (Holy Cross) The icon is wooden and beautifully carved. The view from here is magnificent, especially on a clear day, and you can see the whole Pagasitic Gulf and the village itself.

For swimming there are the beaches around the village which are nice and clean. Alternatively you could make the short journey to Soutraki, which is approximately 1km south of the village.

Agria Overview

Distance from: Volos 8km | Hania 19km | Kala Nera 11km | Volos Airport 43km
Accommodation: Some
Places to Eat: Lots
Cafe Bars: Lots
Other Facilities: Post Office, ATM, Petrol Station

Agria Map

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Agria Useful Telephone Numbers

Agria - Area Code 24230

Municipality - 24230 92352
Police - 24230 92355
Surgery - 24230 92353
Post Office - 24230 92599
Tourist Police - 24210 72421
Volos Hospital - 24210 27531