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Sports and Activities in Pelion Greece

In and around Pelion, there are many sports and activites that you can participate in all year round. From a selection of water sports in the summer months, to winter sports and ski during the winter season. Below is a brief overview of these ....

Pelion Sports Activities Pelion Greece Recreation Holidays Pelion PilioSKI / WINTER SPORTS

At the famous ski center of "Agriolefkes", thousands of visitors from all over Greece and beyond visit here every year.

As well as skiing, you can take part in other ski activities such as snow boarding or mountain artillery ski. For more information about the ski center, please our page about Agriolefkes.


The waters around the Pelion peninsula are extremely clean and clear, and are ideal for those interested in scuba diving. Pelion is just as beautiful underwater as it is above.


Pelion is home to some very beautiful beaches, and as well as swimming, there are numerous water sports that you can take part in, such as diving, jet ski and sailing.


The Pagasitic Gulf and the Sporades Islands offer a wonderful opportunity for a cruise around this unique region of Greece. One can enjoy either a one day or multi-day cruise around Pelion and the Sporades Islands. Visit Elisabet Cruises for more information about Cruises in Pelion.


Pelion is a wonderful place for horse trekking, with so many picturesque and beautiful routes that you can take. There are several travel agencies who can arrange for you to take you horseback tours across some truly special Pelion routes.


There are many beautiful areas along the coast where you can relax with a days fishing, and catch your own delicious supper. Octopuss as well as a variety of fish can be found in the many locations for fishing around Pelion.


With the countless cobble-stoned paths, you can simply head off for a lovely walk along some of the paths, and admore the beautiful nature and scenery along the way. See the fresh water spings, beautiful flowers and plants, the old architecture and much more.


Pelion, with all the beautiful nature surrounding it, is a perfect place for camping. There are a few camping facilties around Pelion, and it is advised to use these if youintend to camp. Camping is not allowed on the beaches or anywhere else except in designated camp sites.

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