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Pelion Anhialos Pelion Anchialos Greece Pilio Pelion Anhialos Hotels

This is a small country town by the sea 18km west of Volos. The very historic past of Anhialos is obvious by the ancient ruins that everyone will see when travelling down the main road ( the motorway between Athens and Volos ).

Anhialos today stands on the ruins of the ancient city Pyrasos, and the whole of this area was known as Fthiotides Thives in the ancient years. In the old Christian period, this was a very prosperous city.

By visiting the museum and the ancient ruins you will be taken back to these ancient years. You should also try to visit the nine old Christian period churches.

Anhialos offers comfortable accommodation with a large choice of activities and things to do and see. One special characteristic of this area is the black sand beaches, where you will be able to relax and swim. If you get the chance, you should also try some wines from the local association.

During the first ten days of August, the wine festival takes place. This is known as the "Yiorti Tou Krasiou". As well as the local wine, you can enjoy Greek dance and songs.

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Pelion Anhialos Pelion Anchialos Greece Pilio Pelion Anhialos Hotels
Pelion Anhialos Pelion Anchialos Greece Pilio Pelion Anhialos Hotels
Pelion Anhialos Pelion Anchialos Greece Pilio Pelion Anhialos Hotels
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