Destinations around the peninsula

Below you will find a list of all of the villages, and a range selections of coastal hamlets in Pelion that we have written about. The information you can find for each village includes a description of the village, where it is located, beaches, churches, monasteries and other sites, festivals and celebrations, photos, useful telephone numbers, a small map, and several links to various services and other business located within (or close to) the village.

The villages of Pelion are unique, picturesque places, with golden sandy beaches scattering the shores, and winding cobbled paths leading you on magical journeys. Each village has it's own charm and magic, and the best way to experience Pelion is to see as much as you can. Please select a village from those listed below.

Village Types
GREEN: Inland / Mountainous
BLUE: Beach / Coastal Town
Afetes Pelion
Afetes South Pelion

Afissos Pelion
Afissos Central West Pelion

Agia Kyriaki Pelion
Agia Kyriaki South Pelion

Agioi Saranta Pelion
Agioi Saranta Northeast Pelion

Agios Dimitrios Pelion
Agios Dimitrios Northeast Pelion

Agios Georgios Nilias Pelion
Agios Georios Nilias Central West Pelion

Agios Ioannis Pelion
Agios Ioannis Northeast Pelion

Agios Lavrentios Pelion
Agios Lavrentios Central West Pelion

Agios Vlasios Pelion
Agios Vlasios Central West Pelion

Agria Pelion
Agria Central West Pelion

Ahillio Pelion
Ahillio Outer Pelion

Alikes Pelion
Alikes Central West Pelion

Alli Meria Pelion
Alli Meria Northwest Pelion

Almyros Pelion
Almyros Outer Pelion

Amaliapolis Pelion
Amaliapolis Outer Pelion

Anakasia Pelion
Anakasia Northwest Pelion

Anhialos Pelion
Anhialos Outer Pelion

Anilio Pelion
Anilio Northeast Pelion

Argalasti Pelion
Argalasti South Pelion

Damouhari Pelion
Damouhari Northeast Pelion

Drakia Pelion
Drakia Central West Pelion

Gatzea Pelion
Gatzea Central West Pelion

Hania Pelion
Hania Northwest Pelion

Horefto Pelion
Horefto Northeast Pelion

Horto Pelion
Horto South Pelion

Kalamaki Pelion
Kalamaki Northeast Pelion

Kalamos Pelion
Kalamos South Pelion

Kala Nera Pelion
Kala Nera Central West Pelion

Kamari Pelion
Kamari Northeast Pelion

Kanalia Pelion
Kanalia Northeast Pelion

Kastri Pelion
Kastri South Pelion

Katigiorgis Pelion
Katigiorgis South Pelion

Katohori Pelion
Katohori Northwest Pelion

Keramidi Pelion
Keramidi Northeast Pelion

Kissos Pelion
Kissos Northeast Pelion

Koropi Pelion
Koropi Central West Pelion

Kottes Pelion
Kottes South Pelion

Labinou Pelion
Labinou Northeast Pelion

Lafkos Pelion
Lafkos South Pelion

Lefokastro Pelion
Lefokastro South Pelion

Lehonia Ano Pelion
Lehonia Ano Central West Pelion

Lehonia Kato Pelion
Lehonia Kato Central West Pelion

Malaki Pelion
Malaki Central West Pelion

Makrinitsa Pelion
Makrinitsa Northwest Pelion

Makrirahi Pelion
Makrirahi Northeast Pelion

Metohi Pelion
Metohi South Pelion

Mikro Pelion
Mikro South Pelion

Milies Pelion
Milies Central West Pelion

Milina Pelion
Milina South Pelion

Mouresi Pelion
Mouresi Northeast Pelion

Neohori Pelion
Neohori South Pelion

Nies Pelion
Nies Outer Pelion

Paltsi Pelion
Paltsi South Pelion

Paou Pelion
Paou South Pelion

Pigadi Pelion
Pigadi Outer Pelion

Pinakates Pelion
Pinakates Central West Pelion

Platanias Pelion
Platanias South Pelion

Platanidia Pelion
Platanidia Central West Pelion

Portaria Pelion
Portaria Northwest Pelion

Potistika Pelion
Potistika South Pelion

Pouri Pelion
Pouri Northeast Pelion

Promiri Pelion
Promiri South Pelion

Pteleos Pelion
Pteleos Outer Pelion

Siki Pelion
Siki South Pelion

Sourpi Pelion
Sourpi Outer Pelion

Stagiates Pelion
Stagiates Northwest Pelion

Trikeri Pelion
Trikeri South Pelion

Trikeri Palio Pelion
Trikeri Palio South Pelion

Tsagarada Pelion
Tsagarada Northeast Pelion

Veneto Pelion
Veneto Northeast Pelion

Vizitsa Pelion
Vizitsa Central West Pelion

Xinovrisi Pelion
Xinovrisi South Pelion

Xourihti Pelion
Xourihti Northeast Pelion

Zagora Pelion
Zagora Northeast Pelion