Business & Services

Local Businesses in Pelion

In Pelion and Volos you will find a wide huge selection of various businesses, services and shops that are interesting and useful for both locals and visitors to the region.

Below you will find information about some of the different shops, businesses and services that you may come across whilst travelling around Pelion.

Merryland Park - Volos


Location: Volos

Merryland is a company based in the city of Volos that specialize in children’s plastic toys for gardens, schools and play parks.

They are the official representatives of the USA company Step2 in Greece and offer a huge selection of top quality plastic outdoor playsets such as slides, swings and inflatable toys.

Vasiliadis Construction - Pelion


Location: Argalasti

Based in the village of Argalasti, the capital town of South Pelion, is the Vasiliadis Construction company that offers a wide range of construction and building services.

They can build homes, install swimming pools and assist with any specific issues that you might have on your property such as roofing.