Agriolefkes Ski Center

One of the first ski centers to operate in Greece was the center of Agriolefkes on Mount Pelion. Located only 2km from the mountainous village of Hania, 12km from the beautiful village of Portaria, and 27km from the city of Volos at the foot of Mount Pelion, Agriolefkes is a wonderful place.

Ski Holidays in Pelion

Ski lifts constantly serving the skiers operate at around 500 people per hour. There are two single seated, one double seated and two rail lifts which assist the skiers to reach the slopes.

The slopes "Thetis", "Panorama", "Falconera" and the "amateurs" all combine to make a total length of 5000m. There is also a slope for strength and two circle ones, which total 3000m in length. This is also a ski school here for youngsters and beginners.

There are other ski options here including a descent down an uneven slope, snowboarding or mountain artillery ski, which takes place on the eastern road and ends up on the beach of Agios Ioannis.

Agriolefkes Ski Center in Pelion

There is also shelter at the centre, which has available 80 beds, a restaurant and a coffee and refreshments bar. The skiers who use these slopes are offered the most stunning views. On one side they can see the Pagasitic Gulf and on the other they can see the Aegean Sea.

However for accommodation there are the nearby villages of Hania, Portaria and Makrinitsa which are able to offer a selection of quality accommodation close to the center.

During the summer, this resort is also very popular for mountain biking, eduro, cross rides and 4x4. There is a parking facility here as well which holds up to 800 cars and is operated with high security.