Horseback Excursions in Pelion

Pelion is a wonderful place for horse trekking, with so many picturesque and beautiful routes that you can take. Being the home of the mythical “centaurs”, Mount Pelion and horses go together hand in hand. Some of the most famous ancient Greek heroes such as Jason and Achilles came to Pelion to be taught the arts by the Centaurs.

Horse Riding in Pelion

For centuries horses were one of the only methods of transportation between the villages. Today however, horses are used primarily for leisure and sport activities. The cobblestone roads and paths between villages are ideal for horseback riding.

There are a number of horse farms and centers around the peninsula where you can go to enjoy horse riding in Pelion. The landscape in this part of Greece is truly one that needs to be explored to be fully appreciated, and what better way to do that than on horseback. It is the perfect opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Pelion.

On the main road to the village of Milies from the coastal road, you will find the Horse Riding Club who offer a great choice of horse riding excursions either along the coast or the mountains. Experienced riders can ask for the tour to the “Cave of the Centaur”. You can find more information on their website or call them on ( + 30 ) 6981 176160.

Another place you can enjoy horse riding is close to the village of Argalasti. There is a horse farm there that organize excursions along rural roads and down to the sea. You can contact them on ( + 30 ) 6977 737819 for more information.

For those who might be staying closer to Volos, you can contact the Riding Club of Volos on ( + 30 ) 6984 198794, and see if they can offer you any activities.

If you do plan on enjoying some horse riding while in Pelion, remember to wear suitable shoes and not sandals or flipflops. Wearing long trousers is recommended, and it is also a good idea to bring along with you some water, light snacks, a hat, sunglasses and sun screen, especially if you are planning to horse ride in the summer months.