Sailing Holidays in Pelion

Greece is known throughout the world for being a holiday destination with blue crystal seas. In Pelion, visitors have both the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf in which to enjoy their holidays.

Sailing in Pelion

The coastline of Pelion is a very beautiful one, and one will find a wonderful selection of beaches scattered all across the coast. There are also some interesting islands around the Pelion peninsula, including the famous island of Trikeri ( Panagias Island ).

The county of Magnesia, to which Pelion belongs, also includes the group of islands known as the North Sporades Islands. These consist of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. These islands are extremely beautiful and are very green and attractive. They are wonderful holiday destinations in their own right, as well as being an extension to the delightful county of Magnesia.

Visitors to Pelion often decide to take a trip to these islands, and there are cruises companies operating in and around Pelion that offer a wonderful selection of cruises, to the Sporades islands, as well as the island of Evia, and of course around the coast of the Pelion peninsula.

The port of Volos has a huge marine, where visitors with their own yachts can easily head to. Yachting is a very popular activity in Pelion, and you will find a number of yachting and yacht charter companies offering you the chance of a yachting experience in and around the Pelion peninsula.