Trekking Holidays in Pelion

With the countless cobble-stoned paths, you can simply head off for a lovely walk along some of the paths, and admire the beautiful nature and scenery along the way. See the fresh water springs, beautiful flowers and plants, the old architecture and much more.

Trekking in Pelion

There are walking paths all around the peninsula, especially in the southern part of Pelion, and many of these are clearly marked, and have been cleared by local walkers. These paths that connect the villages are known as “kalderimia”.

Being a popular travel destination throughout the year, Pelion is perfect for trekking and walking during all seasons. Spring is a perfect season for trekking with the tress and nature waking up from the slumber of winter, and colours and scents of nature can be found all around.

One of them most famous walks in Pelion is the “Path of the Centaurs”. This a route that is signposted and begins in the village of Alli Meria and ends up in the area of Alykopetra, which is just under the mountainous village of Hania.

If you would like to see some of the various routes that you can take, then it is recommended to visit – where you can find a huge range of carefully prepared PDFs to download that details the various routes and paths you can follow.

The Friends of Kalderimi of South Pelion also have a website where you can find more information about the various walking routes you can enjoy in Pelion. They also have an active Facebook page and organize walks throughout the year which everyone is welcome to join.

If you are planning on enjoying some trekking while in Pelion, make sure you wear the proper shoes and carry the essentials with you. It is also advisable to go in small groups, rather than individually.