Architecture of Pelion

Pelion peninsula is a region of Greece that is famous for it's natural beauty. It is a perfect combination of mountain and sea, and the villages found scattered all across this magnificent peninsula each add their own charm, magic and beauty to the overall landscape.

Architecture in Pelion

The architecture style of Pelion is unique, and is one that has been maintained through past years. The best example of Pelion architecture is that of the famous traditional mansions that you will find in various villages. These dominating structures are very impressive, and offer an insight into the architectural styles that have shaped the beauty and charm of Pelion.

The majority of buildings in Pelion are built from stone that is mined in various places across the peninsula. Many of the traditional mansions and older buildings are usually three-storey structures. The base is always made from stone. The upper floors are a combination of stone and wood.

The lower floor usually has a very grand and impressive doorway, leading into the property. Windows on the lower floor are usually very small and kept to a minimum. The upper floors are more naturally lit, with large windows all around the building. The roofs of the mansions and buildings in Pelion are always covered with the famous grey slates that are locally mined. In other parts of Greece, these slates are usually an orange / brown colour, and the grey apperance is only usually found in Pelion.

Traditional Mansion in Pelion

Most of the traditional mansions in Pelion are built according to the Northern Greece style, which was brought to Pelion by refugees from Hepirus during the Ottoman occupation. These people were artists in stone and building, and they created most of the churches in Pelion, stone arched bridges, the cobble stone paths and the buildings. In Pelion you will find that several mansions were built according the Egyptian style, with simple lines, symmetrical windows, iron balconies and marble details.

The walls of these traditional mansions and buildings are usually very thick, sometimes as much as 20 centimeters on the lower floors. This is purposely done for the fact that these thick walls keep out both the heat in the summer months and the cold during the winter. A constant and comfortable temperature can always be maintained inside.

Many of the traditional mansions in Pelion are beautifully decorated, both inside and out. Sometimes, you will come across a mansion that has beautifully coloured stainglass windows. The effect inside is truly unique, with an array of colours lighting up the interior rooms. On the outside of the buildings, the windows all have large wooden shutters.

Arhontiko in Pelion

Many of the mansions have large gardens, filled with colourful plants and flowers, that during the spring and summer months, create an extremely peaceful and relaxing setting.

Some of these traditional mansions are extremely beautiful inside. In the past years, many of the mansions belonged to wealthy locals, and inside they would decorate them with the finest furniture and decorations including artwork, carpets and antiques.

Today, there are several traditional mansions in Pelion that operate as traditional hotels. These mansions offer a unique accommodation experience, and visitors to Pelion should try if possible to stay for a night or two in one of these mansions. They can easily be compared to museums, and offer a wonderful insight into the traditions of Pelion.