Cultural Events in Pelion

There are many festivals and celebrations that take place in Pelion throughout the year. These can range from celebrations for the name days of many of the villages, such as Agios Dimitrios, Agios Ioannis and Agios Lavrentios, to specially organised musical or theatrical events.

Pelion Festivals and Events

These festivals and local events are a wonderful way for visitors to the Pelion peninsula to partake in something very special amongst the locals. There is usually food and drink available at these events, as well as traditional Greek dance and music.

Everyone is welcome to attend these celebrations, so if you happen to be in Pelion one of these special days, you should really take the opportunity to experience a very traditional and unique event.

Village Date Details
Pteleos Feb/Mar (Last week of Halloween) The carnival for the Greek celebration of Halloween.
Sourpi March (Last Sunday) Cultural festivities, theater plays and music.
Keramidi April 23 Festival of Agios Georgios. Traditional music and dance. The traditional while rice "Pligouri" is served.
Trikeri May 1 Traditional marriage or engagement takes place. Traditional dance and music at the party, and the women of Trikeri wear the traditional clothes.
Alli Meria May 1 The flower festival "Yiotri Tou Louloudion". Beautiful exhibits of flowers from local gardeners.
Lafkos May 1-2 Large religious festival at the monestary, Traditional music, dance food and wine.
Portaria May "International Dance Day".
Agios Dimitrios May 6 Festival for Agio Gianni Theologou.
Katohori June 1 "Tsipouro" festival. See tsipouro being produced. Afterwards there is a large party with music, dance, and of course, "Free" tsipouro.
Potistika June 4 Name day of Agios Panteleimonas. Traditional dance and music.
Pteleos June 8 Festival of Agios Panteleimonas.
Agios Lavrentios June (3rd weekend) Festival of Kerasiou (Cherries) - traditional music and dance.
Makrinitsa July Celebrations of "Mays" and "Maithes", which have their roots with the ancient Greek God Dionysos - based on the renaissance of life and nature.
Portaria July "International Dance Festival for Children"
Lehonia Ano July (First days) Festival for the memory of Agii Anargiri - Organised cultural shows known as "Lehonitika".
Vizitsa July 1 Day of Agios Anargiron. Traditional dance and music.
Agia Kiriaki July 6-7 Festival for the memory of Agia iriaki. Traditional dance and songs, with folklore instruments.
Amaliapolis July 17 Large festival at Agia Triatho.
Kissos July 17 Festival of Agia Marina. Traditional dance and music in the village square.
Mouresi July 20 Festival for the name of "Profiti Hilia".
Agios Vlasios July 24 Religious feast for Agios Vlasios in the main square. Traditional song and dance.
Kalamos July 25 Festival of Agia Paraskevi - traditional song and dance.
Lafkos July 25 Festival of Agia Paraskevi - traditional music and dance.
Sourpi July 25-26 Celebration of Agia Paraskevi.
Milies July 25-27 Name day of "Sotiros" - traditional dance and music.
Mouresi July 27 Celebration of Agios Panteleimonas.
Pteleos July 27 Festival of "Agios Panteleimonas".
Stagiates July (End of) "Sausage Festival" - traditional dance and music plus a demonstration of how the sausages are made.
Agria July (End of) Psaradiki Vrathia (Fishing Night) - Festival with a variety of fishing traditions and customs, and offering of the famous fish soup (Kakavia) - Traditional song and dance.
Portaria August "International Dance Festival".
Pteleos August The celebrated "Olive Festival".
Nea Anhialos August (First 10 days) Wine festival "Yiorti Tou Krasiou" - local wine and Greek song and dance.
Pigadi August (First days) Festival of "Psarathiki Vrathia" - (Fishermans Night) - free fish and wine.
Sourpi August (First week) Cultural Festivals, theater plays and music.
Agios Dimitrios August 3-5 Ceremony at the Metamorphosis of Soteria - traditional dance and song and food.
Amaliapolis August 6 Celebration for the "Metamorphosis of Soteria" - traditional song and dance.
Mikro August 6 Name day of "Sotiros" - Traditional dance and music.
Vizitsa August 15 Big festival at the main square - traditional dance and music.
Pteleos August 15 Festival in memory of the God Mother of Theotokos.
Kala Nera August 15 Festival of Panagia (The Holy Mother) - traditional dance and music.
Agios Lavrentios August 15-16 Celebration for the memory of Monk Lavrentios. This is a large ceromony, and people from all over Greece travel to pay their respects.
Milina August (Middle) "Milina Night" festival.
Pteleos August 23 Festival in memory of Panagia Xenia (The Holy Mother, Protector of Hospitality).
Makrirahi August 25 Local "Flower Association" organises a huge flower exhibition in the village square.
Mouresi August 27 Celebration for Agios Fanourios.
Vizitsa August 29 Day of Agios Ioannis Prothronos. - Traditional dance and song.
Milies August (End) Festival for "Pear Night".
Portaria August (Last week) Revival of a traditional Pelion wedding.
Afissos Summer A collection of shows and festival, known as "Argonautica", in tribute to Jason and the Argonauts.
Zagora September (Start) Festival of the "Apple", organised by the female corporation of Zagora - traditional dance and music.
Kissos September 2 Festival of Agiou Efstathiou - traditional music and dance in the village square.
Paltsi September 5-6 Festival for the name day of Agion Taxiaharhon.
Gatzea Kato September 13-14 Festival of Timiou Stavrou (The Holy Cross).