Local Products of Pelion

As with many places around Greece, Pelion is a region that is based very much on the traditions of old. From the architecture of the old mansions, to the cultural and religious festivals that take place throughout the year.

Local Products of Pelion

Another aspect of this traditional importance are through the unique range of traditional products that are made and sold here.

All visitors to Pelion will pass by shops in various villages selling a wonderful and colourful selection of products.

Some of the traditional products that you can find in Pelion include ....

  • Traditional Sweets and Jams ( Spoon Sweets ) - which can contain anything from fruits to vegetables
  • Natural herbs and teas
  • Honey
  • Olive Oil / Olives
  • Walnuts, Chestnuts
  • Homemade Pasta
  • The village of Zagora is producer to some of the most famous apples throughout Greece. These apples are transported and sold all across Greece as well as other countries.