Fthiotides Thebes Archaeological Site

Excavations at the site of Fthiotides Thebes began in 1924 by G.Soteriou, and continued in 1956 by P.Lazarides. The excavations that were carried out have revealed a large number of important monuments and structures that date from the Late Roman to Early Christian years.

Fthiotides Thebes in Anhialos

During the Early Christian period, the name of the town of Anhialos was actually called Fthiotic Thebes. This is why today, the modern town of Anhialos is often reffered to as Nea Anhialos, meaning new.

Some of the highlights of the excavations of the Fthiotides Thebes site include the basilica of Bishop Peter and the Martyrium Basilica both dating from the 4th - 6th century.

Archaeological Site of Fthiotides Thebes

Admission to the Fthiotides Thebes Archaeological site is free, and the opening hours are from 08.30. Closing hours change according to the season. For further information, please call ( +30 ) 24280 76468 or ( + 30 ) 24280 77057.

Location of the Archaeological Site of Fthiotides Thebes

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