The Aggelinis Museum

The Aggelinis Museum is a small museum located in the charming hamlet of Horto, which is situated in South Pelion, and is approximately 46km from the city of Volos.

The Aggelinis Museum in Horto

The museum is a wonderful place to visit if you are in this part of Pelion, and gives visitors the chance to see some of the interesting objects on display, including old traditional and precious objects, tools, relics and books.

The items you can see offer an insight into everyday life of the villagers and how they lived and worked.

In additional to the artifacts on display, the museum is also used for organized exhibitions of art, photography and various theatrical performances and concerts featuring traditional and classical music.

If you would like any further information you can call ( + 30 ) 24230 65246 or visit their website at

The above image of the Aggelinis Museum is from their Facebook Page.

Location of the Aggelinis Museum

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