Restaurants and Tavernas in Pelion

Cuisine and good food is important as anywhere else in Greece. Pelion has some very unique and tasty traditional dishes that one should try when eating out. In Pelion and Volos you will find a huge selection of different restaurants and tavernas, where you can enjoy a wonderful meal.

Below you will find information about some of the restaurants and tavernas you may come across whilst travelling around Pelion.

Dipnosofistis Wine Bar - Tsagarada Pelion


Location: Tsagarada

Located in a beautiful part of Tsagarada, the Dipnosofistis Wine Bar and Restaurant offers visitors to Pelion the chance to enjoy a delicious meal and a choice of wines at their unique place.

During the summer months you can take a table outside in their colourful yard, enjoy your meal and drink in a truly unique setting.

Pagasitikos Taverna - Kala Nera Pelion


Location: Kala Nera

The Pagasitikos Taverna, situated in the coastal resort of Kala Nera, is one of the oldest tavernas in Pelion, and has been operating since 1934.

It is located right next to the sea and offers an excellent choice of cuisine including meat dishes, seafood and some delicious local specialties. The taverna is open throughout the year.