The Villages of Central West Pelion

The Central West region of Pelion is a perfect combination of mountain and sea, where you can find a magical selection of traditional mountainous villages and some stunning coastal resorts.

The coast of this part of Pelion has a number of towns along the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf with many wonderful beaches where you can enjoy swimming or relaxation. Towns such as Kala Nera, Afissos and Koropi are very popular holiday destinations during the summer months and have great beaches.

Overlooking the coastal towns are some very famous mountainous villages such as Milies, Vizitsa and Pinakates. Each of these traditional villages are well worth visiting and offer a glimpse into traditional village life.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can enjoy the famous steam train of Pelion, which offers rides from Lehonia on the coast up to the mountainous village of Milies.

Village Types
GREEN: Inland / Mountainous
BLUE: Beach / Coastal Town